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Foodgrains Bank Harvest Complete!!!

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010 by mattgosling — Filed under Community Events

Sunday September 26, 2010 the 4th Annual Cheadle LIONS Canadian Foodgrains Bank Harvest was successfully taken off!  The moisture in the crop dropped almost 8% in 2 days after 25-30 days of poor harvest weather, to the point where we could combine the crop and deliver it straight to Cargill in Carseland. 

The final yield on the crop was 797.220 gross tonnes or 29,300 bushels on 320 acres is 91.5bu/ac!  Being that we fertilized for 80bu/ac, this is a great accomplishment!  We also baled 828 bales which are sold and will contribute to the donations the club will allocate in the next few months.  IF, we're able to sell the grain via the Canadian Wheat Board, the total proceeds from the crop will be around $170,000!  Most of this will be allocated to the Foodgrains Bank, some locally, and some kept for next years project.  The amount allocated to the Foodgrains bank is available for up to a 4:1 subsidy as well. 

We had about 12-14 combines, 6 balers, and 7-8 busy trucks! 

LOTS of people to thank, so here we go – Jackson Agri, Agro Equipment, LIONS Clubs of 37-O, Encana, Landmark Feeds, Kerora Farms, Duck Unlimited / Winter Wheat Growers / Bayer, Lardon Rentals, Hussar Seed Cleaning Plant / Syngenta, Fairville Colony, Premium Ag Services, Flying T Farms, Target Airspray, Bruce Farms, MountainView Colong, JRI Wheatland Agro, CPS Carseland, Cargill Carseland, Palin Farms, Robert Farms, Highway Service, Bodrug Transport / Darren Kelly, Al Koltuski, Clarence, Botsford Deli, Jester Transport, Warrack Bros Trucking… I'm sure I'm missing some and I appologise if I missed someone!