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Premium Ag Update

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013 by marissa.gardin — Filed under agronomy

Yes, it’s been a long time since the last post, but holy cow!  I’ve never seen such a condensed seeding season in my few years of being an agronomist.  With that also follows a condensed spray season, so to say the least, things are happening at a very quick pace this season.  For the most part crops look pretty good, and in good growing conditions comes disease.  Where ever poor rotation is practiced, especially cereal crop on cereal crop, a lot of leaf disease is starting to develop.  There often tends to be a lot of debate on whether or not to include fungicide in with herbicide chemistry.  I haven’t done field scale statistically significant trials on using this in canola this time of year, but more often than not a half rate of cereal fungicide manages to hold off disease long enough for the plants to get through herbicide metabolism… one more stress.

I am awfully suspicious that in areas with little precipitation post July 15th 2012 and below average snowfall, that wheat is showing symptoms of Group 2 herbicide damage from pea product used last year.  What makes me so convinced of this is that on more than 1 occasion I’ve got fields that we’ve made efficiencies out of that were seeded into all wheat on canola and pea stubble.  There’s a visible line exactly where the stubble changes and more often than not, wheat on peas is magic… except this year.  Typically I’d count on 10-15% production increase on peas in this scenario with everything being equal, and so far it might be the other way around.

There is much more foliar nutrition going down this year than I’ve ever seen.  We’ve had some hick-ups so far but for the most part compatibility has been good.  Pre and post tissue tests and check strips are being left in most fields to give us a much better conclusion that splitting a field with no analytical information to support plant reaction.

(was written on June 11 2013, delayed posting)