Field Scouting – This is a service that is only offered to our full-time agronomy clients.  We make upwards of 10-12 visits in season to look at our growers fields and help them in making sound decisions.  Through the growing season here is what we typically help our growers with:

  • Pre-seed weed burn-off and seed-bed preparation
  • Seeding rates, placement and depth
  • In-season fertility if required
  • Early season plant health
  • Tissue tests, weed competition, insect levels, disease, plant populations and staging
  • Pesticide recommendations – rates, products, and timing
  • Pesticide performance and product inquiries if necessary
  • Further insect and disease monitoring throughout the season
  • Fungicide applications – products, rates, and timing
  • Yield estimates
  • Insurance claims
  • Swath staging
  • Harvest Staging
  • Pre and post-harvest desication
  • Post-Harvest fall operations including manure/compost applications, harrowing, sub-soiling, fertility treatments

We have been in this local industry for upwards of 11 years and have a tremendous amount of experience with our very limited client list.  With having such a short growing season and an ample amount of products and rates to apply, decisions are difficult, and can be very costly.  Saving money with applying rates and products that are suitable for specific pest populations is both environmentally and economically responsible.  With 2 full-time experienced agronomists, and 3 other staff assisting, we provide a very detailed list of observations and practical solutions for our growers.  We take pride in having good quality equipment that is kept clean and well maintained for a highly dependable service.

Matt Gosling, Premium Ag, Canola, Bug sweeping, agrologist

Matt Gosling in a Canola field sweeping for bugs.

March 4, 2014   »   Yup, Its still Winter.

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