Variable Rate Technology

As part of the Agri-Trend Network, Premium Ag offers services of a Geo-Coach, to work with GPS and GIS technology and capture ATGSI-Logo-150your field data to manage field variability.

We have taken a very cautious approach to investing into Variable Rate, and we decided to base a lot of our services on Veris Electrical Conductivity. All the other methods of collection are also available with us including satellite, NDVI imagery, and historic data. Not every field is suitable for EC collection, or Variable Rate in general, but we do have availability to a lot of services.  Typically the best response we have with the EC collection is on saline land and fields with a lot of topography.

The Spring of 2013 will be the first year that we have Veris Soil pH detection. Soils will eventually become more and more acidic over time with fertilizer, and Lime is a hard and costly product to get in our area. ¬†With this type of service, we will be able to precisely put down Lime on every acre that needs it, and not on the acres that don’t require it.

Veris, Variable Rate, Premium Ag

Typical results for a field from Veris Conductivity Testing, turned into a Variable Rate map.

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